Saturday, March 11, 2017

Oh, hello!

Hi there! 

Welcome to our little virtual oasis. 

First off, introductions are necessary. My name is Becky ("Mama") and, this little blonde bombshell on my lap is Reagan - our little Tater Tot. We're an east coast family surviving the chaotic & often stunningly beautiful life here in Silicon Valley or San Mateo to be more exact. I'm a 29 year old working executive mama here in the tech madness and Reagan is a prime 10 months old. We share our adoringly sweet life with the Mr. ("Dadda") and our little pup Cosette. 
Here, we'll share our daily struggles as a mama & tot finding the never-ending work life balance, life stories we've accumulated along the way, tips + tricks we can't possibly keep to ourselves, fantastic trips we take, and all things lifestyle & fashion because let's be serious - a good pair of shoes can solve most world problems (kidding..somewhat).
From the constant giggles we share in our little home to the tears we have to wipe away when things get tough - we can't wait to share our daily adventures with you - our spirit sisters. We're over the moon excited to get to know each and every one of you who stop by to visit. 

Sending all our love today and every day...

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