Thursday, April 13, 2017

Halloween, Valentines, Easter...OH MY!

As a new Mama and with Tot in full-time daycare, I feel like our world is already spinning without the added pressure of holidays. The Mr. will be the first to tell you how much I love holidays - I really  do. I'll take any excuse to decorate our teeny tiny apartment with decorations galore. From garland to confetti, I just love to celebrate holidays.

But, I find the added pressure of having a little one in school makes holidays an even bigger deal. Am I right? I don't get to spend all day with Tot so I want to make sure when I can contribute to her life at school, I truly delve all in. I want to be the Extraordinary Bake Sale Mama and somehow stay sane at work - it's a difficult balance that I'm still struggling with, but taking one day at a time (that's for another post altogether...)

I went a bit overboard on the first few holidays this year at daycare and realized I just couldn't keep up with the pace. This Mama is on a budget (we're house-hunting....dun dun dun) so I needed an easier way to help spread the holiday cheer with Tot without breaking the bank and then some.
Every day, I pass that $1 bin at Target and typically keep walking. Not because I don't love a deal, but because I might get sucked in and purchase everything! Buying the contents of the entire aisle won't help my iron-clad budget...yikes. But, for Easter I decided to take a new approach and jump into the $1 chaos at Target, and boy am I glad I did. I found the mecca of Easter treats for Tot at both school and home, plus a few things to throw into her diaper bag (i.e. bubbles). Take a sneak peek into the financially friendly Easter items I picked up and you can too at your local Target! 

Easter Baskets
A $1 find - these baskets will be perfect for Tot to collect her sparkly eggs in. After Easter, I can either throw these in storage or decorate them to add as storage in her room. This Mama cannot have enough storage! For a few extra dollars, you can splurge with these adorable felt baskets ($3.00)
Add some Easter Crinkle Grass and you're set for your hunt ($1.00)...


Part of the fun of every holiday is adding a few decorations to our home. Growing up Catholic, Easter was an extra special time for us and my Mom always went out of her way to remind of us the reason for this specific holiday, but to also join in on the cultural fun. I am always striving to do the same for Tot. While we may not have a big place for her to call home, it is home and I'm constantly searching for new ideas to fill our kitchen island with. Target had the perfect solution for Easter with these handy dandy decorations!

Garland (by Spritz - $3.00)

Lanterns (by Spritz $5.00)
These are definitely going up in Tot's room post-Easter. The pink & gold ones match perfectly!

Wreath (by Spritz $3.00)
Gel Clings - Easter Style (by Spritz $2.00)
Gold Decorative Egg Bowl ($7.00)
Until Sunday, I've filled this decorative bowl with the sparkly pink & gold Easter eggs and Easter treats & signs. 

Easter Photo Props

If you're throwing an Easter party or attending one yourself, bring along these photo props for a fun kid activity! 

Light Pink Tassel ($3.00) + Party Supplies Collection ($10.00-15.00)

Shhhhhh don't tell Tot, but I will definitely be re-using some of these supplies for her 1st birthday coming up in less than a month (AH)! 

Easter Eggs

Tot's school asked each family to fill a dozen decorative eggs with peanut-free treats for their school Easter Egg hunt. Most Mama's know this, but searching for peanut-free snacks is like trekking Mount Everest. It's an unfathomable challenge and my heart breaks for the little ones with nut allergies (you Mama's struggling with this are one of a kind). Luckily, there were lots of wonderful sites available and I was able to gather some things to include in her school Easter eggs. 

Easter Eggs (by Spritz $5)

Everyone needs a little sparkle in their life, especially during an Easter egg hunt!

Peeps (3/$2)

Surf Sweets Jelly Beans ($2.39)
Yumearth Organic Gummy Bears ($2.50)
Bubbles ($0.94)

And, stickers because we don't need to fill their tummy with too much candy!

From these pictures I was sent from her school, it's needless to say that as a Mama - seeing those adorable little bunny ears bounce around the classroom make all the planning & egg-filling worth it. I can't wait to surprise her little self with an Easter egg hunt at the local park after a morning filled with homemade banana pancakes this weekend. Is it Friday yet?

I hope you and yours have a delightful Easter weekend and your little ones giggle their way through Monday with bellies filled with treats! 

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  1. The $1 bin/aisle at Target is a must at the holidays! Love, love the bunny ears!! Happy Easter!


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