Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Oh, Morning Rush...

Finding the perfect school and/or daycare is only half the battle for families these days. Figuring out a routine that works for you and your littles is the biggest obstacle most Mama's & Dada's face. The morning rush never gets easier in our household, but I've found ways to cope and make it...dare I say...enjoyable?

Picking a daycare was an easy decision for us. Since I work for a very flexible company in the Valley, it made the most sense for Tot to be closer to Mama during the day. While my hours are long, they can be completed from almost anywhere and that makes my commute much much easier. But, living so far away from school/work can be daunting for a parent having to make that drive in and out every single day. I have Mama's here at work ask me all the time...no, really how DO you do it? Organization and a positive attitude about it - that's how we get through! Yes, an hour + in traffic each way can be a death-sentence for a Mama with a little one in the backseat, but staying disciplined in your routine and bringing along the proper resources is key.

When you're driving, it's hard to calm a screaming baby. Trust me, I've been there...like every other Monday. But, having things you can quickly pass back to them is essential. I always have our basket of soothers, treats, and bottles on the middle console. Here are a few of the necessities I have:


This grey canvas organizer from Pottery Barn Kids is what we use - easy to wash when the milk spills everywhere and compact enough to sit right next to you on the drive.

Teething Toys

All Mama's are familiar with Sophie the Giraffe, but did you know there was a smaller teething version? Perfect to fit in our basket of goodies and to pass back when little one gets fussy!
Found via Pottery Barn Kids

Munchkin has a ton of great toys at a low price that are compact and easy to bring along on your commute. The Twisty Teether is one of our favorites. 
Found via Munchkin 

Sippy Cups

While our spill-proof straw cup is great for at home use, trying to pass it over to Tot during the drive is nearly impossible. After spilling a couple cups of apple juice all over me, we finally found a sippy cup that works perfect to pass over to Tot and won't spill all over our Uppababy car seat. Tervis is a favorite in our house-hold, I mean we have one in all our SEC favorites. But, we recently discovered that they also do sippy cups so I picked one up right away (and yes, I'm a huge Hogs fan..WPS!)

Tot loves her music so curating the perfect playlist for our sing-a-longs to and from school was essential. As part of the Apple Music Family plan, you're able to design playlists that fit your needs. With only a few simple searches - Apple helped us develop a list of tunes from Disney to Sesame Street that are both educational and exciting for Tot to babble away to. 

Before Tot started school, I searched high & low for the right storage bags for her to bring to school. Her cubicle in her class is pretty small so her diaper bag just wasn't an option for us (though it always comes along for the trip just in case...Mama's know those days). I needed something to keep her filled bottle cool and her snacks from spilling everywhere. One of my favorite organization stores is Toss Designs - accessible to everyone via their online store. 

Since I typically pack a book & stuffy for Tot at school, we picked up a larger tote to carry everything including our bottle bag from Toss. The fun thing about Toss Designs is that you can customize all your bags with a quick monogram and they're waterproof! Probably the easiest bags to clean, we also use these for our beachside adventures in St. Thomas USVI but, that's for another post. 

Found via www.tossdesigns.com

While most of Tot's formula is at school, we still bring a full bottle for the car ride and stick that in the bottle bag for emergencies. I needed something insulated to help keep it cool and compact so that I could fill her bag with all her bottles for school and stick in her cubby. Toss Designs came to the rescue with this great insulated lunch box that fits the bill, and it can also be personalized in a variety of colors and patterns. I fill this bag the night before so our mornings run much smoother! 
Found via www.tossdesigns.com

While none of these tools really make commuting with your little one easier, being organized and upbeat are key to any daily routine! Arming yourself with the best toys and snacks make any adventure with your Tots simplified. What does your morning routine look like? Do you have a long commute in? Share with us on Instagram and in the comments below! 

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