Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Travel: Magnolia Market Girls Trip

Raise your hand if you've watched at least a few episodes of Fixer Upper on HGTV. Now, keep it raised if you've watched more than a 100 or spent an entire Saturday watching a marathon of the Gaines family remodels. Let's be real - Joanna Gaines is our soul sister. She embodies everything pure & joyful we strive to be in our lives, especially for me as a mama to a little girl. And the kitchens she designs? Enchanting.
My best girlfriends wanted to get together for a quick getaway, and as we were searching for fun destinations - I realized Magnolia Market was at the top of my to do list. Obviously, the men in our life weren't as enthralled with frolicking around an antique market for a day so we packed our bags and hit the road!

If you're not located in Texas - no sweat. Magnolia is incredibly easy to get to from both Dallas and Austin airports. Located only 90 minutes from DFW, we smooshed into an SUV (no really, look below) and cruised the open highways to Waco.
While there are plenty of cute boutique hotels in Waco to choose from, we decided to really delve into the HGTV experience and rented an Airbnb house that was actually featured on an episode of the show. I mean, sitting in a room designed by THE Joanna Gaines? It fulfilled all our Fixer Upper dreams and then some. The hosts couldn't have been any cuter and delivered fresh Magnolia Bakery cupcakes for us to enjoy once we arrived. 
While Waco itself isn't incredibly large, there are lots of greats sights and the downtown core is filled with quaint restaurants and southern dining. The girls decided to conquer a list of Joanna's favorite Waco destinations, including the Hippodrome Theater for brunch. Located on historic Austin Avenue, this delicious brunch was the perfect spot to quench our coffee & mimosa thirst before hitting the Market. And, how cute was their menu? Check them out (

Downtown Waco is also filled with plenty of interior design stores to prepare you for Magnolia. We had a blast perusing through various Texan designers highlighting their artistic flair. As the day began to race by, we realized it was time to brave the line and head into the Market. Yes, you read that correct - line. Boy oh boy was it a popular Saturday destination. Closed on Sundays, Magnolia Market tends to be most popular on the weekends - especially because it often is when the Gaines family stops by to work the Market themselves. Even though the long winding lanes of people seem daunting, the staff do a fantastic job of moving you through incredibly quickly. 
The majestic qualities of the Silos fills the Texas air and I have to say, it was one of the most peaceful days I've experienced as a new mom. From the cheerful music to the giggles from the kids playing corn hole on the turf, Magnolia is one of the sweetest places to take your family. I was slightly panicked that a full day at the Market with a nine-month old would be slightly difficult, but she enjoyed it more than I did. Her smiles said it all. 
We filled our bellies with Blue Bell ice cream and danced to the music in the open field. Keeping our patio bench and swing reserved, we took turns perusing the main highlight - the store! While most items are available online, the allure of seeing it in picture perfect settings makes the HGTV designer in you explode. I had to have my hands on everything and kept going back over and over again to memorize every last detail. Joanna has truly done an amazing job capturing the essence of her interior style within this store. 

Once our wallets were empty and our hearts filled with so much excitement and love, we spent the remaining hour of daylight swinging around the field at the Market until the Bakery line quieted. 
As our last stop of the day, we wanted to taste each new scrumptious concoction within the Bakery and as a serious taste-tester...everything was simply delicious! 

And after a day full of laughs and sweets at the Market - we completed our weekend with some true southern cuisine on Sunday morning. Jake's Texas Tea House is a must have for all locals, and especially for our new out-of-state friends. We filled ourselves with fried chicken and collard greens before hitting the road back to Dallas. Mmmmmm take me back!
What started as a chance to reconnect with my best girlfriends turned into a trip to truly refresh my soul. There was something about the peacefulness of Magnolia Markets, and Waco in general, that made you lay out on the grass and just enjoy quality time with the people you love. If you and your best girls are looking for a fun, relaxing destination with quaint wine bars, southern cooking, and fantastic shopping - Waco is for you. 

Happy travels, lovelies! 

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  1. I love watching Fixer Upper, too! How fun to get to spend a weekend in Waco, a day at Magnolia Market and stay at one of the shows remodeled homes! Did the home have the furniture and decorations that were used in the show?

  2. It did! It was absolutely stunning to spend the weekend there. Even the yard was beautiful with the bistro lights - we loved it.


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