Friday, November 2, 2018

A Love Letter to My Littlest

"There are only two lasting bequests we can hope to give our children. One is roots; the other, wings."
               - Hodding Carter

For Tot's first birthday, I wanted her gifts to bring meaning to her life as she grew. She was the first grandchild for both of our families, and I knew that love would be cherished, but may not be around forever. Life is so precious, and yet so short. I don't know where this crazy adventure will take any of us, but I always wanted our sweet girl to remember how loved she was from the moment she was born onward.

Instead of gifts, I asked each of our family members and close friends to write her a letter. Letters filled with whatever thoughts, wishes, and hopes they had for Tot as she grew into a beautiful young lady. Each letter will remain sealed and tucked away until she turns 18, at which point she'll be rewarded with the best gift of all - sweet notes of love from all those who loved her so dearly when she was so young and beyond. The loveliest of letters from my grandparents really mean the most to me and I'm so grateful each of them has taken the time to document their love for our little girl. I know they may not be able to see this little butterfly blossom into a little lady, but having those words of encouragement and love will mean so much to her. It was the simplest of gifts I could give her, but the one that will mean the most to her little heart of gold.

With all that planned, I realized that now that Tot is two, I still haven't written my own letter to my sweet little Anais. How unfair of me to have all of our friends and family jot down little notes, but I haven't taken a moment to do one myself! So, today I want to share with you my love letter to my littlest that will make me cry big, ugly crocodile tears when she opens on her 18th birthday..


Dearest Sweet Pea,

Since the moment you arrived - you have been a true beacon of love and understanding. I know everyone says this, but being your Mama has honestly been the greatest honor I've ever been gifted with. You have this uncanny ability to make us laugh at just about anything and truly bring so much joy into our lives. The obstacles we've faced since having you have only reminded us that you were a true miracle and one of the most precious gifts I'll ever be given. Our angel babe we will forever be grateful for.

Not to get all mushy on you, but I still distinctly remember the nurses placing you on me and it was absolutely surreal. I couldn't believe that this little 6lbs 8oz baby girl was mine. For so long, I wasn't sure you'd be a possibility. If this mom thing would be my calling. But, the second they laid you on me, you nuzzled close and I knew you'd be my little angel for forever. It was such a beautiful day in San Francisco when you were born. I mean, the sun was shining and the breeze was whistling - it was pure perfection and I'll never forget that sensation. Just like I practiced all those mornings with Cosette, I remember bringing you over to the window and showing you the Bay and the beauty that was California. No matter where we call home, you'll always be my sweet California babe.

Then came the sleepless nights. Oh, the sleepless nights. Those nights where I got to sit in your little room holding you were so special in hindsight. I wish I would have cherished them more, singing you Blake Shelton songs in my terrible voice and rocking you back to sleep. You always fell asleep with your little fingers wrapped in mine and no matter how exhausted I was, I felt content knowing that you were safe and sound in my arms. The calmness I felt during those nights and still feel when you wake up not feeling well or scared at want your Mama - those are things I will always hold dear.

Little one, you were determined to fly through every stage of life at warp speed. I barely had a moment to catch my breath once you were sleeping through the night and next thing I know, you were crawling around our little apartment. I'll never forget walking through our apartment door after a long day of travel to see you crawling to me. The tears I cried. I didn't even know it was possible to be so proud of such a little babe, but I was oh so proud of you. You were only 6 months old. How was this possible? Where'd my baby go?

From that moment onwards, it was hard to keep up with you and your Daddy and I quickly realized our small San Francisco apartment wasn't the right place for you to grow and blossom. We knew you deserved more and so, we quickly put in place some plans to find us a home. A home we could call ours - where we would spend our days baking in the kitchen with all your friends around the table giggling away. The smell of delicious pecan pies & biscuits sifting through the house, and we would always remember how much love  and joy this home would hold. And, before we had a moment to process this move - we found a perfect house. A yard big enough for a swing for you to sway on, with friends all around that would always put a smile on your face. It was finally a home to call our own.

And, oh the walking! I don't know even know how this happened so soon. We were playing together in Tahoe in a little playhouse. The two of us being silly, just like always. Laughing at how goofy we were with all these fun new toys and before I could even reach out my hand to help you move around, you stood up and walked over to me. I didn't believe it. I moved back a little more to see if this was real. You were barely 10 months - how could you be walking? And, gosh darn'it you were walking. I remember calling your Daddy into the playhouse to show him. With tears in our eyes we finally realized our little girl was growing up...if only we knew this was the first of many milestones you'd surprise us with and remind us that time is fleeting and it's important to soak up every minute we can.

Fast forward to today, you're 2 years old and flourishing. So much has happened since your 1st birthday, but that's for another letter and another time. No matter where this journey leads us, the love and light you have brought to my life is indescribable. I never thought this whole "mom life" would be for me, and boy has God showed me how wrong I was. Being your Mama is the best job I've ever had and I've had a lot of cool jobs over the years. I never knew how much a little person could mold your life, but you've shown me so much patience and love on the best and worst of days. Your my person and I'm so glad you were sent down to me. Keep your creative soul flourishing and never stop singing along to all the songs that bring you joy. Your sweet voice is the best melody I've ever heard and I can't wait to hear it for the rest of my life.

Let's always hold hands, dance like crazy, and zap those scary monsters together. Let's cry over the things we can't change, but smile knowing there's always a better tomorrow waiting for us. I'll always be one call away.

Love you, baby girl.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Vacation. Is that you?

Oh gosh, let me tell y'all. This vacation couldn't come at a better time in life. Things have gotten a bit stressful here at home and finding that balance as a mom is getting tougher and tougher as Tot grows up. Which is why this break couldn't be more perfect! This Mama needs a serious breather. I want to be playing "find Nemo" in the water already (Tot's favorite game right now).

As I mentioned in the last post, the Mr. is from St. Thomas USVI and his family still lives there so we try to visit as often as possible. Next week, we're headed back to the Rock which means it's almost time for Mama to think about packing.

Let's get real - I'm an over packer. I'm super OCD about Tot's food + diet, plus I like clothes. Did I mentions I really like clothes? So clearly a trip to the beach is the perfect opportunity to break out some summer outfits and fun traveling gadgets we use. All the items are linked and I'll also be showing you them in my Instagram stories so be sure to follow us on Instagram @bumblebeetot

Let's get packing!

Ruffle Butts

This great online store started as a wonderful small business featured on Shark Tank. We were gifted one of these suits when Tot was an infant and we've become obsessed. We're constantly at the pool during the summer so we collect quite a few of these because obviously, Tot can't wear the same suit every day. Most of their items can be monogrammed, which we typically do for a personal touch. First time shoppers receive a 20% discount code when you sign up and they constantly having Pop-Up sales.

Lilac Seersucker Fit and Flare Dress

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

UPF 50+ Sun Protection

Guava Family

As you've seen from our posts, we're BIG fans of the Guava Family Lotus Crib. It's perfect for travel with it's compact size, comes with a mosquito net, and is super easy to put together with a baby on your hip. We'll gate check this to bring to St. Thomas. We'll use it as our crib at night and at the beach during the day for an extra safety precaution because Tot seems to think she's 16 and can swim by herself. It's currently on sale (WHOA) and first time shoppers can sign up for a 15% discount. Can't recommend it enough. 


You know we're a big Uppababy family and my role is to convince every pregnant woman in my life to purchase one too. They always thank me later because the convenience is just to die for. We recently purchased the G Luxe and while I was originally planning on bringing that because it's so light, I think the extra long UPF 50+ sun shade and large undercarriage space is convincing me to bring the Cruz. A lot of time when we're in St. Thomas we're away from home for extended periods of time so I need something a bit bigger to carry the mass amount of things I'm most likely going to pack for day trips (my husband is cringing reading this). Plus, this is our first trip without the Uppababy Mesa on the plane so having something with some extra space at the airport will be much appreciated. Cruz it is! 

Pottery Barn


We have two (2) versions of the the diaper bag that I've discussed before including the larger version of the Harper Diaper Tote (found here). For this trip, I'll pack the smaller Harper Tote we just purchased before Christmas as we don't need as many change of clothes etc. We'll still pack her lots of snacks, but the Harper Tote is so great because of all the extra storage pockets it has so most of our "must haves" can fit. Plus, you can monogram it and clearly we're big fans of all things monograms. New customers can sign up for email notices and receive an automatic 15% off and current email recipients should have a 20% code in their inbox. If not, message me and I can share mine!


So I mentioned recently on Instagram that I've started ordering from Shein. I know there are a lot of positive and negative reviews out there of the site, but I've yet to have a bad experience and I've been ordering for over a year. Reading the sizing reviews is key before you order and don't let the "size L" scare you. I'm a size 2 and I'm almost always ordering a M or even a L depending on reviews. Trust the ladies who take the time to provide an update on their experience and always be sure to sign up for an account so you can collect Shein points and utilize for free items. Here are a few things I recently picked up!






Altar'd State

This store is filled with such wonderful little bohemian dresses and accessories. Plus, the sales are always over the top. Recently - they had their semi-annual sale where I picked up quite a few summer dresses and rompers. Right now, there is a Buy One Get One (BOGO) sale taking place with all dresses so hop on over and check them out! 





Dolce Vita 

Full disclaimer - I did not pay full price for these. I recently purchased these on Poshmark for $30 and I highly recommend you check out Poshmark before you make any full price shoe purchase for you or your little one. Right now, there is quite a big selection on Poshmark and lots of discounted shipping rates for their Spring Sale. Be sure to head over and do a bit of research on Poshmark before you pay full price! Though, they are super cute and I highly support any purchase of these shoes. 

Melissa & Doug 

While I'll be sharing a lot more travel activities and fun things we do at airports and restaurants while traveling that isn't iPad related (I can't take anymore Moana - I feel like those songs haunt me in my sleep) - here are a few things I've picked up for Tot and the trip. We're going to be breaking it up over two days on the way to St. Thomas. Because flights haven't full picked up yet post-hurricane, the connection options aren't great so we'll be flying DC to Atlanta Tuesday night and then Atlanta to STT mid-morning on Wednesday. With that, means multiple waits at the airport so we'll be utilizing our SkyClub membership and lots of lots of activities to keep Tot entertained like these below. 



Over the next couple of days, I'll be sharing a few tips and tricks for airport layovers, travel hacks, and fun things to entertain little ones without access to all the fun things at home. And, be sure to tune into my Instagram stories for live reviews of some of the items I'm packing above as well as a few additional ones. 

Can't wait to share in our travels with you. Up up & AWAY!

Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Hello, Darlings!

With so many new followers recently, I thought it was time to do a quick re-introduction of Tot and I. Fifteen random facts about us. Want to learn more? We're cultivating a great Instagram community of Mama's, Mom's to Be, Mom's in Waiting and just down right awesome babes so check us out and DM me any questions. I'd love to hear from you. Without further adieu - all about us!

1. I was born and raised in Toronto. Moved to the US for law school and will celebrate 9 years in the great USA this August. I'm not a US citizen, but Tot is. We've traveled back home to Canada twice since Tot was born, but now that we're on the east coast - we hope to make it home much much more. 

2. While Tot is 1/2 Canadian, the other 1/2 is island baby. The Mr. is from St. Thomas, USVI and Tot's grandparents still reside there. We try to head back at least a couple times a year and we're actually heading back in a few weeks for a visit.

3. I'm a Mom in Tech and have been working in technology for over 7 years. It's not always an easy balance working in technology and being a Mom, but I'm finding new ways each and every day to make it work. 

4. I've used Peanut! Yep - it's a real app not just one on RHOBH. Through that, I've met an amazing Mama in the area that I consider a really close friend. Haven't been back on since I met my "match". It's one of the things I'm most thankful for with this move. 

5. While this blog started in NorCal, recently our family made a cross-country move back to the east coast and we're now in the DC area. It's a little bit colder here, but we're settling in nicely and most important - Tot is loving every second of being closer to her family. 

6. Tot was born in the great city of San Francisco. I really love that about her and always joke about her little California babe traits. She's such a California girl and I can't wait for her to get a bit older so we can go back and explore all the fun things we did with her when she was a babe in the city. Lemonade is waiting for us, little one! 

7. Those travel hacks I mention all the time? We really do use them as we're such an on the go family! With one of us being Canadian and the other from the US Virgin Islands, it seems we're always on a plane, train, or automobile. Literally, as I'm typing this I'm getting us ready for a trip to Maryland for the next few nights. Always on the move. 

I'd guess that we've taken Tot on 30 flights or so in less than 2 years. Maybe more? Tot really does sleep through almost every flight and has seen every travel obstacle thrown her way. Her first redeye at 7 weeks old was delayed during our layover and I was stuck alone with her at LAX at 1AM. But, we survived! We have lots more travel hacks to share with you and may even let the Mr. take over the blog for a day to share all his travel planning wisdom with you (i.e. best travel credit cards, miles vs. $, hotel perks, etc.). He's our travel guru and Tot and I would probably still be stuck alone at an airport somewhere if it weren't for him. 

8. I have long-distance relationships with all my best friends. Only one lives in DC, but the commute to where we live is sometimes a pain so we're basically in a long-distance relationship too. From the great state of Texas to Florida to Boston - we're all scattered and I wouldn't have it any other way. Being so far from each other can really be an asset as it really forces you to take the time to connect every day and check in. I value my friendship with them above all other things and last year, we all took a trip together to Magnolia Market. It was magical. I'm ready for round two. 

9. Food allergies are our life most days. Tot is allergic to dairy, any type of milk-proteins, whey proteins, and soy and soy proteins. I feel like I'm always hyper-sensitive about snacks and things people offer Tot. Even with family, I'm always on high-alert and I really don't mean to be. I just know the consequences of her eating something and while we're one of the lucky families that at this point don't need an epi pen (fingers crossed) it still does get a bit scary when she breaks out into hives and gets so sick from something as silly as a goldfish snack she stole from a friend.

When we travel, I tend to overpack with snacks and safe-foods I know I can always feed her if we're stuck in a situation where there are limited items she can eat. Oddly enough, one of the most convenient places I've visited for kids with her type of allergy? Disney World! 

10. I'm the oldest in my family. I have a sister who is 18 months apart from me and lives in Alberta, and a younger brother who is 23 and lives in TBD. He's currently moving and headed back east towards our parents. My sister is Tot's biggest ally and I swear they have secret conversations through FaceTime making fun of me. Their relationship really tugs at my heartstrings and I know Tot will always grow up with such a special bond with her Aunt. 

11. The Mr. and I met on Match! Yes, people - Match was all the rage before Tinder hit the scene and boy am I glad I snagged him before he discovered that app. We were married in the US Virgin Islands at the beautiful Caneel Bay. Our wedding was my first attempt at designing a large-scale event on a budget by myself and I give myself an A+. 

Read more about our big day HERE:

12. Tot really is a fashionista. It's so funny because I remember being pregnant and just incredibly hyper-sensitive to the typical girl traditional colors etc. I really didn't want pink and if my mom showed me anything frilly I immediately turned it down. I was such a tomboy growing up and I wanted Tot to grow up just like me. Her newborn outfit from the hospital was black and white because that's what I wear. But, I swear that girl came out wearing a tutu and ballet slippers. She is very opinionated about what she wears, but we're learning to channel that creativity into being a great little helper with packing etc. Even now, I find her sense of style creeping into mine and it's opening me to wearing more colors and even floral patterns. Who am I? 

When we go out shopping together, it may in fact be one of my favorite activities. She almost convinced my father to purchase her this cobalt blue Tory Burch purse the other week because of how adamant she was that she needed it for school. "Mama, I need that. I need that, Mama." He almost fell for her act until I swooped in. Thank goodness. That can wait until she's like 5 (kidding). From her shoes to her shirt - we've mastered the morning dressing routine with some fun hacks in the room and the bow board so she can pick out her full outfit. It really does make me smile seeing her little girly personality creep into my life. Who'd a thunk I'd be a ballet mom?

13. Spending a few years in Texas really cultivated my love of baking. One of my best friends is a southern queen in the kitchen and she taught me everything I know. As Tot is getting older, baking has become such a fun activity for the two of us. The southern love is alive and well in our household and while the dishes aren't always healthy (read: most of the time), it is one of my absolute favorite places to be on the weekend. I'm beginning to collect the recipes I use and hoping to start a little recipe journal for Tot to share with her family one day. I consider myself an amateur baker and in my dream life, I'd open my own bakery that served healthy yummy goodness. 

14. My mom tribe is kick-ass. We welcome anyone and everyone and it is pretty awesome. From other island wives (our husbands are one-of-a-kind so we need a support group) to local mama's - I don't know what I would do without their love and support. I can rely on them any time of day and the support we give each other is so so important. They say it takes a village to raise a babe and it really does. I've cultivated quite the little group and I can't wait to share them with you all. 

15. I'm learning to really love make-up and hair products. As I'm sure you've seen on the blog, since having Tot - I'm really trying to dive in and change up my look in a positive way. I have naturally very curly hair and have been doing a ton of research into what nourishes my hair the most and what allows me to knock out my look efficiently and quick. I'm actually really really really (did I mention really?) self-conscious about my hair especially with it becoming so thin since I was diagnosed with adenomyosis, but I'm trying to turn that into an uplifting moment. Yes, it's curly and thinning and refuses to grow past the mullet stage - but, I'm determined to see it glass half full for Tot so she doesn't ever learn to hate anything about herself. So keep an eye on the blog for more fun tips & tricks I'm learning along the way! 

And now, a few fun facts to share with you:

- We were convinced Tot was a boy and her name was going to be Charlie. Even after they told us it was a girl, it took a couple more sonograms for me to really believe them
- I'm obsessed with all things Bravo. It's my guilty pleasure
- I eat the same thing for lunch almost every day. It's an egg, ham, and cheese sandwich I make on this low-carb flatbread and I normally add avocado
- We purchased a Peloton bike in September and I'm obsessed with all of the workouts. I try to workout with both the spin and off the bike rides at least 4x a week
- I recently gave up all types of soda. I was obsessed with Diet Dr. Pepper and was consuming close to 6 cans a day. All water all the time now! 
- I'm a simple girl when it comes to food. Applebee's, Chili's, Ruby Tuesday are some of my favorites
- If I could live in Lululemon I would. Because I work in tech, I'm completely guilty of wearing Lululemon almost all week
- My husband and I bond over college football. You'll often see Tot in various SEC gear because he is a die-hard Florida Gator fan and I'm obsessed with the Arkansas Razorbacks. Battle of the SEC East vs. West in our home

Hope you enjoyed getting to know us a little better. Share a fun fact about yourself in the comments!

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

What Tot Wore

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is, "where did Tot get her                    ?" Having a girl is a LOT of fun, but can also break the bank if you're not careful. With how quickly little ones grow through clothes, I didn't think I'd ever be in a position to purchase brand-name designer clothes for Tot throughout these early years. I mean, seriously - they're like weeds but in a nice peony sort of way.

When I was pregnant, I obviously did my fair share of online shopping looking for cute little outfits to pull together. I mean, don't we all? One thing led to another, and I started realizing there were a ton of really well-priced options out there for quality designer clothes. SECOND HAND SHOPPING. Hallelujah. Another discovery? There were so many wonderful small-business owners with clothing lines I knew I needed to dig deeper into and boy, am I glad I did.

I mean, I could go on and on about all the neat things, sales patterns, etc. I found. Instead, I thought I'd just share my own personal shopping list of where I find most of Tot's favorite things for her #ootd and the links to get your shopping started!

Let's start with the basics...

GapBaby and GapKids

I could spend hours in this store shopping for Tot, but that wouldn't be saving me any time or money. Instead, I've switched to really relying on their online store and the email thread with relevant sales. Those 50% sales + an additional 10-15% really make your shopping efficient, but be prepared to buy in bulk. By that, I mean that I will often shop for spring clothes in the fall, and winter in the summer. Those are the items that tend to have additional discounts and once you really understand your little one's growth patterns, it's pretty easy to predict sizes. Plus, the entire Gap brand is phenomenal with returns and customer service in general.

Some of my favorite things to stock up on? Obviously, denim. Their jeans just fit my skinny minny the absolute best. Their PJ's may be a bit pricey, but the quality is over the top and they last such a long time. And lastly, holiday tees - that nice Christmas shirt for school parties, the valentine's dress etc.

Check out a few of their current sales here.

Gap jeans, Old Navy tee
Shoes, Amazon

Gap PJs


When I was first introduced to Poshmark, I wasn't sure what to think. To me, it seemed like an online portal just filled with a mix match of items that was incredibly hard to navigate. You know when you show up to TJ Maxx on like a Sunday evening and it's utter chaos? That's what Poshmark felt for me the first few times. After gathering my bearings, I realized how easy it was to not only list my own personal items to sell, but to search between brands, types of clothing, and for different members of the family (i.e. Kids, Women, Men, etc.). 

Some of Tot's favorite things are a bit pricey. While I'm OK with splurging on a few items because I know I can list them on Poshmark once she outgrows them (i.e. Hunter Boots, Uggs, etc.), there were certain things I just couldn't justify. Instead, I turned to Poshmark and realized there were so many options in almost new condition...flabbergasted. 

To get started, you do have to start your own profile. While you may not be comfortable with selling anything, I do suggest completing the profile to the best of your ability so you can begin building your followers. It's almost like Instagram in some ways - the more Poshers you follow, the more new items hit your newsfeed. Plus, once you're finished with an item you'll be tempted to try and sell it so you can get a credit to buy that next fun shirt for your little one. I know you will. 

You're also able to search for just about anything. You want a new pair of Quay sunglasses and you know exactly what style you want? Great, I bet there are about 30-40 different Poshers with those items all at different price points. Once you've decided on what you like, I typically like a few of the same item from different Poshers so I can be alerted to any discounts etc. offered. And, when you've found the perfect item + perfect price? Hit offer and give them your best price for the item! Typically, there's a bit of back and forth if you're below the asking price but that's the fun part of it. 

Below are a list of some of the best items I purchase for Tot on Poshmark regularly:


As you can see - these shoes are not cheap (here), but they happen to be the most durable and cutest shoes that Tot adores.  I've found about 7-8 pairs on Poshmark for a 1/4 of the price (yes - she has about 30 pairs of shoes - she really does love shoes plus they're CHEAP). When Tot outgrows them, I post them back on Poshmark to sell them before purchasing a new pair. 

Winter Jackets

I've purchased both of Tot's current winter jackets on Poshmark for under $20 each. They're both Gap brand, and came new with tags. It's definitely the first place I look before hitting up any store for any type of winter gear. Plus? You can shop all year with pretty much the same inventory. 

OOTD: Gap - Poshmark

OOTD: Gap - Poshmark


As a Mom, I'm sure you have a pair yourself...or 4. No one's judging (certainly not the Ugg Queen over here). You also know how expensive they are even in infant size. I mean, how can shoes that small cost $75? I just don't get it. But, I do know they're beyond comfortable and great for running around in outside so I can't NOT let her wear these adorable little things, right? I couldn't fathom paying full price and the outlets don't have the infant and toddler stock you'd want to really make a bang for your buck. Instead, I purchased several pairs from Poshmark NWOT (in Posh-speak, this means new without tags) for $10-15 and voila. My daughter now has an Ugg collection that rivals her mother. 

Bottom line? What are you waiting for - check out Poshmark 


Now, I know Amazon can be hit or miss. But for me? It's been more hits than misses which is why I'm going to share all my favorite vendors. 

When Tot was still a tater, we loved dressing her in little moccasins and rompers. I mean, it doesn't get much cuter. And, I found that as a new mom getting to the store was nearly impossible. I was ordering diapers on Amazon one day because who does Target on a weekend (not this Mom) and randomly stumbled upon an entire deep dive of great infant and toddler clothing. From dresses and shirts to rompers and moccasins. I decided to order 1 of each to test out the quality and see which vendors worked best for me. Here are some of our favorite vendors and items:


Sizing is everything with bows for little ones. These are the current ones Tot wears (below) and a picture to give you an idea on sizing. 

When she was a bit younger and I was a bit hesitant on the whole idea of bows in her hair to begin
with we purchased these and still use them on the regular. 


Check these out!


When I first started reading baby blogs while pregnant, everyone gushed about Freshly Picked. And guess what? I loved them. Big problem was that they were just out of budget for me. I wanted about 20 pairs and I couldn't possibly justify those expenses. A quick search on Amazon and voila. Quality wise - they definitely get some wear and tear so I tend to use these as her school indoor shoes, but she still wears them daily even today. Sharing a few of my favorite brands



Small Businesses

Another fun thing I realized is that with my purchases, I could support other Moms by purchasing from their small business which makes shopping even more fulfilling. After a night of rabbit hole digging on Instagram (you know how it is) I found two great brands that I really believe in and want to send your way. And by believe in, I mean I order on the regular so I'm sure you've seen them make an appearance or two on Instagram.

Rory Jae Co. 

An amazing Mama who hand sews each and every outfit, Rory Jae Co is just a fantastic small business with stunning rompers that also caters to custom orders. Tot owns a couple of these and I can't say enough about the quality and sizing. She utilizes a hybrid of vintage fabric and new materials to handcraft these masterpieces. They wash incredibly well and are just the most precious outfits. I'm already counting down to the spring release! 

Little Roxx Clothing

Tot has a favorite piece of clothing, which I'm sure you've all noticed. It was gifted to us by the sweetest friend and she wears it just about everywhere with just about everything. It's her personalized jean jacket. She was close to outgrowing it a few weeks ago and I raced to order her a new one from Little Roxx Clothing, along with a few other pieces for our trip to Disney and we just can't say enough. This jacket has been washed a million times and literally has seen it all. But, it has survived and that's all thanks to this wonderful little shop. Everything is 100% customizable and you can really order anything your heart desires for children and adults. 

Wylo + Co

I would be an awful Canadian citizen if I didn't take a moment to share some praises of a Canadian brand I just adore. Originally Teepee Tots and Co, Wylo + Co is a unique take on quality classic pieces for the little ones in your life. With amazing sales year-round, they're incredibly affordable and represent such a cultivating part of Canadian heritage with some of their designs. Tot's first outfit was Wylo + Co and I'm so honored I was able to dress her in the cutest Canadian garb for her first day escaping the hospital post-world entrance. 


Busy Bod Leo's 

Over the past couple months, Tot has really grown to love rompers and leo's. They're easy to throw on, cover her tooshy to my complete satisfaction, and probably the most adorable thing in the world. Tot also started ballet a couple months ago at Bella Ballerina (more about that collaboration in another post) and these have been a lifesaver for her during class. She pretty much begs me to wear them whenever humanly possible so I'm incredibly thankful to have found Busy Body Leo's and the sweet Mama who runs the shop. Whether you order a pre-made design or a custom order, everything is sent incredibly fast and wash amazingly well. Check them out for yourself here!

So there you have it. Tot's long-sought after #ootd post. Feel free to give all of these fun brands and designers on Instagram a follow and message me with any questions on sizing or ordering. See you online!
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