Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Lesson Plan: All About Me

      All About 


Our lesson this week is all about the human body and the five senses. Tot has really been interested in doctors, medicine, and all things science recently so I wanted to switch up our lessons to really focus on all of these things. I took out the emotions piece because with her regular school work piling up from her teachers, it was just too much. So, it's a two-part lesson plan with next week focusing more on emotions and how we spread love to others. 
I did cheat and purchase a few additional things to help - crafting and painting have been something that I've noticed really helps her incorporate things she's learned. 

Magic School Bus - Journey into the Human Body - link 
Human Body Workbook - link

Let's DIVE into the HUMAN BODY

Human Body Lesson Videos 
(23 mins) - Link
(37 mins) - Link
Trunk, Upper, and Lower Limbs - Link
Magic School Bus (21 mins) - Link 

Printable Worksheets

Human Body Facts for Kids - Link

Super Skeleton - Link 

Body Part Song - Link 

Body Part Activity have your little one trace you on a piece of paper and help you label your body parts (if you don't have a paper roll, glue some construction paper together to make a larger pieces or have them trace a smaller sibling). Display you outline and review each body part—head , arms, legs, chest, hands, and feet—with your littles. Have them color in the heart, brain, and stomach with patterns and any type of stamps etc. you have in the house. 

Once done, have them fill out this attachment LINK

Music Activity - find some larger pencil, cardboard rolls, wooden spoons etc. and practice your music tapping skills. Have them practice with a few simple tunes (row, row, row the boat) and then turn on this video for them to show off their rhythm skills (LINK)
All About the Five Senses - Link (video)
Worksheet 1 - Link 
Worksheet 2 - Link 

Letter U 
Song - Link
Song - Link 

Worksheet 1 - Link 
Worksheet 2 - Link 
Worksheet 3 - Link 
Worksheet 4 - Link 

Number 15 
Worksheet - Link 
Worksheet - Link 

Numbers Bingo (1-25 review) - Link 

Bible Study - 1 Corinthian 12 
Video - Link 

God Made Me Special Song - Link 

Lesson Plan - Link 

Worksheet 1 - Link 

Worksheet 2 - Link 

Coloring Sheet 1 - Link 

Coloring Sheet 2 - Link 
Enjoy this lesson plan. Next week - we continue with all things emotions! Catch up on all things shop local love on our instagram as well as any daily crafts we incorporate into our learning. Sending all our love to you & yours. xo

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