Monday, April 27, 2020

Weekly Theme: Weather

Weather, Weather

                     What do we see?

This week's theme is WEATHER. If you live in the Northern Virginia area, you'll know we're poised to get hit with LOTS of rain this week so I switched things around and decided this would be the perfect week to focus on everything we see outside. 

From Meteorologists to tornados - we're going to study it all while incorporating some letter review (A-V) and number review (1-16). 

Tot has really been responding to some type of art activity so I've incorporated quite a few into this weeks lesson. However, a lot are through Scholastic Teachable's, which means my links won't help you unless you've registered for their remote learning. If you haven't, both Scholastic and have been my main resources each week. If you are registered and would like the links, just comment below with your email address and I'll send them your way! 

Scholastic Teachable's

One other tidbit - I purchased the Learning Dynamics Reading Kit. Tot has really been trying to read and I want to equip with her with as many resources as possible. She also can only listen to me so much during the week so wanted to set her with something he can do independently with little interaction with her Mama. She's pretty sick of me this week and it's only Monday - what can you do? I will give it a week and let you know if it's working and worth the $ stay tuned! 

Magic School Bus - Season 1, Episode 1 (Netflix): Kick Up A Storm 

National Geographic - Weather: link 

PBS Wild Weather: link 

Weather Reports - we are doing a daily weather report that will be in the kitchen for us to check on at least 3 times a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner). Have child go outside and tell you how the weather is (hot, cold, sunny, etc.) - we're also incorporating days of the week with this so that we can review those while discussing weather. The weather report I found is through Scholastics, but there are lots online to use. 

What is a Meteorologist? 

Weather Book: worksheet

What to Wear Weather: worksheet

Weather Activity: Have your little one head into their room and do a little fashion show based on different weather description you give them. So we don’t end up with a room full of chaos, I’m going to put a couple thing from each weather condition (rain coat, winter hat, tank top etc.) on her bed for her to choose from.

Weather Song: link

Weather Wheel: link 

Weather Wear Matching: worksheet 

Color and Learn - Rain: worksheet 

Weather Prediction: worksheet 

Missing Letter - Weather: link 

Find the W - Weather: worksheet

Tornado Video: link 

Tornado Facts: link 

Tornado in a Bottle Experiment: link 

Severe Weather Video: FEMA link 

What causes thunder and lightening? link 

How do we know when it’ll rain? link 

Thunderstorm Art: link 

Weather Art (Rain, Wind, Frost): link 

Weather Words: link 

Bible - Psalm 104: link 

The Lord rides on the wings of the wind
He makes the winds serve as his messengers
He makes flashes of lightning serve him.

The Lord waters the mountains from his palace high in the clouds.
The earth is filled with the things he has made

God Controls the Weather: link 

Enjoy the week, everyone! 

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