Monday, April 3, 2017

What's in my bag?

I don't really know if anyone has "perfect" hair, but I can guarantee - I'm on the far end of the "not so perfect" hair spectrum. I have that curly, unruly just can't seem to tame itself hair when I leave it natural - you know the hair I'm talking about.

And as a new mom, washing & blow drying your hair every day is completely and fundamentally out of the question. I like sleep, thanks for asking. But, that feeling when you walk out of a hair salon and you feel like a million dollars? That feeling is amazing and something you wish you could bottle for days on end. Well, ladies you can and there's a magical app that can help you achieve this (seriously, get out your phone and download immediately)..
With this unruly hair, I've learned to rely on Drybar for all my princess pampering needs over the years. From Dallas to Palo Alto - this magical little safe haven provides me with 45 mins of uninterrupted me time, champagne (+ the occasional cupcake), and the most glorious luscious blonde locks ( But over the past year, I've learned even escaping for 45 mins is an accomplishment so I dug a little deeper into the beauty of Drybar.
What did I love so much about the whole experience (minus the cupcakes & champagne)? The products! I felt like the gold when I left because of the amazing products they use throughout your visit each and every time. I decided to share with you my list of favorites..

Mr. Incredible - this leave in conditioner leaves your hair feeling so fresh & fine. A few sprays post-shower and your blow-dry won't break every brittle piece of hair you have from the continuous flatiron torture. It's a best seller for a reason...
I'm a Southern Belle at heart so all of the volumizing products speak to my soul. This Texas Tea spray goes on your damp hair and provides you with maximum height post-blowdry. If you really love volume, and I mean REALLY love volume - check out the Southern Belle moose - obviously, I own both. I mean, the higher the hair the closer to God so get on it already
The last time I was in the Drybar chair, I finally worked up the nerve to ask my Bartender what was that amazing smell ferociously attacking me. She grabbed a bottle of Triple Sec and my life hasn't been the same since. May sound incredibly shallow, but being able to look & feel good is such a luxury as a new mama and this product really helps with that. Plus, it can also be utilized as a dry shampoo and that is a mom essential 

Last, but not least - hairspray. I hate that crunchy feeling you get from hairsprays and the Drybar has truly solved for that hair dilemma. This moveable brush'able spray is called Money Maker and the name encompasses pretty much everything amazing about this. The best part? It comes in a mini-size that I throw into my purse so I'm always head-turning ready wherever I go (even if it's just to Whole Foods...or Target)
As moms, you really do need to pamper yourself every once in a while to stay sane and on top of things for the little ones. If you live in an urban area and can test out what products work with your hair type, I suggest high-tailing it to a Drybar near you, and if you don't? Order yourself some fun products online to give you those glowing locks you know you deserve!

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